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The 2023 Pearland Demographic Overview provides a comprehensive analysis of the city's demographic data. It covers various aspects such as population growth, diversity, age distribution, educational attainment, income levels, workforce development, housing trends, and retail growth. The document emphasizes Pearland's rapid population increase, significant diversity, young median age, high education levels, above-average income, and expanding job market. It also highlights the growth in housing and retail sectors, positioning Pearland as a thriving and diverse community within the Houston Metropolitan Statistical Area. The document is produced by the Pearland Economic Development Corporation.

Key points include:

  • Population: Pearland's population reached approximately 126,942 in 2022, with a forecast of 154,107 by 2040. The city has experienced significant growth since 2000, outpacing both Texas and national rates.
  • Demographics: Pearland is noted for its diversity, with minorities forming the majority. The median age is younger than the national average, indicating a youthful population.
  • Education: The city boasts high educational attainment, with a significant portion of residents holding bachelor's and advanced degrees, supported by quality local school districts and higher education institutions.
  • Income and Workforce: Pearland's median income is notably higher than the national average, and the workforce has expanded substantially, reflecting a robust job market.
  • Housing: The housing sector has seen significant growth, with an increase in both single-family homes and multi-family units, along with rising home values.
  • Retail Growth: Retail sales in Pearland have increased considerably, with the city hosting multiple shopping and dining complexes, contributing to substantial sales tax revenue.

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