• ACC Foundation Grant to Assist Job Seekers

    TIME:                   For Immediate Release
    DATE:                   June 20, 2022
    CONTACT:           John Tompkins, Communications Coordinator
    (281) 756-3551 office
    SUBJECT:            ACC Foundation Grant to Assist Job Seekers
    (This is part of a series on the Innovative Initiative Grants awarded by the ACC Foundation)
    ACC Foundation Grant to Assist Job Seekers
    When a potential employee goes to interview for a job, they have to look the part.

    Alvin Community College Pathways advisor Sarah Farley decided to maintain clothing for students hoping to succeed in interviews for a future position in the workforce. With the help of the ACC Foundation, she started the Career Closet.

    “The Career Closet is meant to help students prepare themselves with appropriate interview attire,” Farley said. “You want to make a good impression.”

    The grant was among nearly $18,000 awarded as part of the Innovative Initiative Grant program from the Foundation. They are designed to encourage, facilitate, recognize and reward innovative and creative approaches to fulfill the mission of the college. The grants will be used for the 2022-23 academic year.

    Before being able to use attire from the closet, potential users must first submit a resume for a critique and undergo a mock interview to prepare them, Farley said.

    “We want to make sure these students are serious about these interviews,” she said. “This way they may not be too nervous for their interview and they’ll be prepared.”

    The Career Closet will consist largely of slacks, blouses, button down shirts and other clothing appropriate for job interviews. Farley hopes the Closet will help 15-20 students each semester.
    “This will help them be confident and not worry about what they look like so they are more prepared mentally to answer interview questions,” she said.

    The program is set to begin in the Fall.

    To learn more about the Foundation, visit www.alvincollege.edu/foundation or call 281-756-3600.


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